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Panel saw by mbm Maschinenbau

» Panel saw

For longitudinal cut and cross-cut

Description of the individual machine parts

Vacuum lifting device
- Run-in roller conveyor with aligner
- Trim saw with compressed beams
- Electronically adjustable buffer cam
- Roller conveyor with lateral transport
- Angular roller conveyor
- Electronically adjustable width buffer
- Longitudinal saw with advance apparatus
- Run-out roller conveyor with lateral transport


Customer-specific requirements

Technical Data

Work piece sizes
Board length:           min. 300 mm / max. 4.100 mm
Board width:            min. 300 mm / max. 1.250 mm
Board thickness:      max.  40 mm

Machine data

Saw advance speed
Forwards           up to 30 m/min.
Backwards        up to 30 m/min.

Saw motor output
Trim saw                   7.5 kW
Speed                   3.800 rpm.
Longitudinal saw      7.5 kW
Speed                  3.800 rpm.

Saw blade
Diameter                350 mm
Inner bore diameter 30 mm