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Finger joint machine by mbm Maschinenbau

» Finger joint machine

With press for board-shaped timber-derived products

Description of the individual machine parts

- Processing aggregate wagon with cutting aggregate,
  finger joint aggregate, stripping brushes
  and adhesive application device
- Stable supporting table
- Stable bracing and pressing table
- Compressed beams
- Heating elements
- Board aligner
- Hydraulic aggregate


Customer-specific requirements

Technical Data

Work piece sizes
Board length:      min. 1.000 mm
Board width:       min.    600 mm / max. 2.500 mm
Board thickness: min.      20 mm / max.    100 mm

Machine data

Aggregate advance speed
Forwards:    up to 30 m/min.
Backwards:  up to 30 m/min.

Cutting aggregate
Output                5,5 kW
Speed             2.850 rpm.

Finger joint mortising aggregate
Output                30 kW
Speed            4.500 rpm.

Press power
Adjustable to a maximum of 300.000 N