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Handling technology by mbm Maschinenbau

» Turn-tilt table

For set-up and clamping operations

The pallet is transferred from the storage location and then brought automatically into a tilted position.
The pallet is then turned by 3 x 90 degrees.

Description of the individual machine parts

- Solid base frame with pivote bearing
- Swivel plate with stable rotate bearing
- Rotating plate with pivoting clamp brackets
- Feeder with lifting unit
- Hydraulic aggregate


Customer specific requirements

Technical data

Pallet size                                                           800 x 800 mm
Pallet load                                                               30.000 N
Centre of gravity from pallets upper surface               600 mm
Excentric centre of gravity                                           100 mm
Work piece height from pallets upper surface max. 1.200 mm
Swivel movement                                                          90 °
Turning movement vertically and horizontally        4 x 90 °