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Portal handling system by mbm Maschinenbau

» Portal handling system

Description of the constructive features

- Beams made from solid steel profile tube
- Fully hardened and polished guide rails
- Guide shoes with lubrication reserve, re-greaseable
- Dirt wiper for all guide surfaces
- Carriage on a solid and robust steel plate
- Three-phase servo motor drive
- Low-backlash gear
- Geared belt drive or gear rack with drive pinion
- Position measuring system: incremental encoder
- Cable drag chain


Customer specific requirements

Technical data

Travel                      Travel speed
x-Axis mm 10000       x- Axis (m/s) max. 2.5
y- Axis mm 5000        y- Axis (m/s) max. 2.5
z- Axis mm 2000        z- Axis (m/s) max.  2

Drive acceleration up to 30 m/s
Repeat accuracy depending on stroke and system +/- 0.1 mm

Additional equipment
Gripper, exchange systems, tools, turning devices corresponding to the particular use case

Drive variations
- AC-Motors, pole-changing and cam switch
- AC-Servo motors and rotary encoder
- Pneumatic
- Hydraulic